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Farm Shop

Our farm shop sells the finest quality home grown and locally sourced produce. As well as a large selection of other products from bird seed to solid fuels, flour to salt tablets.

Home Grown

We grow and sell a wide range of home grown vegetables, freshly picked daily.


Locally Sourced

As well as our home-grown, we sell a wide range of fruit & veg, meat, petfoods and speciality produce, all chosen with great care to provide the best for our customers.

We deliver wholesale to local pubs, restaurants and shops daily.

Fresh Meat

We have a wide range of meat products from our own farm reared lamb to sausages etc.


Bird Food

We sell an extensive range of bird seed such as Sunflower seeds, Robin and songbird mix, Peanut kernels Premium Mix, Niger Seeds, Mealworms and Suet pellets to name a few. We also supply feed for chickens and ducks 

Solid Fuel

We stock a range of solid fuels all year round


Other Items

We stock Pet foods, bedding, rock salt etc come and have a look just what we do have!

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